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Fusing electro, indie pop and funk

"Reformulating the concept of a pop-star"

Herr Flemm is in his 50-ties. Not the ideal age for launching a pop-star career. However... The youth has the future. For decades we focus on creativity coming from the young and unspoiled. I wonder why. Is it because the young are unbiased? Because the young do not carry the burden of life experience? Because they are rebellious and are not held back by fictitious impediments? Because they have nothing to loose? Or is it because the ancient empire of the music industry was based on the naivety of the young? You probably agree that the butt of a 18 year old looks juicier that a 81 years' one. On the other hand, when you are in search of a good conversation, you might turn away from the young. We carry a life full of musical heritage, full of frustration, full of happiness and grief; experiences that inspire and are worth sharing. Expression without limitations, fully independent and uncompromised. Herr Flemm wil not 'sell his soul to the devil' and chooses not to live the competitive life that conventional music business demands of wanna-be musicians. Although Herr Flemm sees no competition, there is a clear eagerness and hunger for success, but not at any price. If an opportunity occurs, Herr Flemm just might jump in.   Herr Flemm is young at heart. Ready to deliver unconventional sticky funky licks that kick ass.  


Herr Flemm is Ro Flemm (vocals, guitar, drums and programming). Coming from a technical background as an Amsterdam sound engineer working with various dutch artists from the rock and dance scene, he was part of the production-duo "Prince Abooboo" (Slyde Don Cher), with whom he won "de Grote Prijs van Nederland" in 1999 with a rough staggering big-beat sound.

Main influences

With early Prince being his main source of inspiration, HERR FLEMM produces intelligent electronica tracks with a funky flavour.

Sounds like

Kavinsky, Daft Punk, Tiga, Baskerville, John Talabot, Shit Robot, Factory Floor, Moodymann, Goose, C2C, Basement Jaxx


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  1. Steve Valentin Roberto Maria Cotterli

    Leuk Roland hope ! but 1 vraagje Meneer Roland,
    Het label d.c.m.e die afkorting wil die bedoelen ..
    Don’t cher my energy ever-again …? lol had wat tijd over
    om iets te schrijven ..
    Maar goe da je je musical ambition terug hebt,allist slowly,
    en guitar …. !! ik ga luisteren , weer n’s wa anders dan kijken !
    Zelf ben ik ge-embarked in een geheel nieuwe carriere : Freelance afwasser ..’n dog eat dog wereld , wittewel, weinig kansen , hard vechten (knokke/koksijde)
    Anyway, succes ( van mui )
    PS . bedankt nog voor die pumpum brigade reactie roland , heb ondertusse gevonde, was ni zo belangrijk .

  2. aime


    This is really sick! looks great!
    Keep going on like this!

    Best regards,